Floral Fabric Masks for Women & Girls| 2-Ply Cotton Masks

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  • Cloth Masks only reduce the chances of inhaling dust/droplets and they do not give full protection against infection. The face cover / Cloth Mask needs to be washed & cleaned each day and before first use. There must not be sharing of face covers and only one individual must use a face cover. So, in a family of several members, each member should have a separate face cover.
  • Wearing cloth face masks is an additional health measure people should take but you still need to stay at least 6 feet away from other people (social distancing) and follow frequent hand cleaning and other everyday preventive actions.
  • This face cover is not recommended for either health workers or those working with or in contact with infected patients as these categories of people are required to wear specified protective gear.
  • Cotton masks are provided with long open laces that can be tied to make the ear loop or tied behind the head, as per your ease.
You can shop a variety of Handmade Cotton Fabric Masks from Craftcart India. The size of the Reusable Cloth Mask is rectangular with measures of 8 inches in length & 4 inches wide; when stretched it is 6 inches. Face Cover Cloth Masks are washable, cover nose & mouth properly. They are designed to be used by both sides. The cloth mask is of 2-ply with 3 folds that enable easy adjustment. It is advisable to wash the masks in boiled water and line dry in shade.
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